Build a chatbot for your website with SiteGPT

Build a chatbot for your website with SiteGPT


Have you ever wanted to create a chatbot that provides instant support to your customers using the knowledge base/documentation on your website? Now you can, thanks to SiteGPT (affiliate link), a revolutionary new product that uses the power of ChatGPT to create chatbots based on your knowledge base.

SiteGPT was created by Bhanu Teja P, who saw the potential for ChatGPT to be used in a whole new way. In this post, i will give you a tutorial on how to use SiteGPT, and show you how it can improve your customer support experience.

How to use SiteGPT

  1. First you need use your email address to signup, would be nice if you support the blog by using our affiliate link SiteGPT Signup.

  2. Once you are in you will find the button to create a new chatbot. Profile endpoint response

  3. In the add chatbot form, you need to provide a name and description for your chatbot and the root url for your documentation (Here i'm testing with the Saleor docs). create chatbot form

  4. Once you click the Fetch Links button, you will be presented with a list of sub links of your documentation, and you have to select which links you want to train the chatbot on then click Start Training, and the number of links depends on the plane you are subscribed to. select links to otrain chatbot

    Here you can see the details of each plan SiteGPT Pricing SiteGPT plans

  5. Now you wait till the training complete and the status change from Training to Trained select links to otrain chatbot

    select links to otrain chatbot

  6. Once all the links trained, move to the Embed tab to test your new chatbot, you will have 2 options

    • separate web page that you can share.
    • a javascript code snippet to embed the chatbot in your website

    Embed chatbot

  7. And here is the result

    Chatbot demo